Friday, 31 March 2017

Tech Day 5 Term 1

Today at tech we made our pie filling and tomorrow we will be finishing the pie and making the filling. I think I did a really good job with the filling and I am excited about finishing the pie next week I think it will be delicious.  Last week I didn't do blog post because we were at camp. Camp was awesome I really enjoyed it and you might be able to tell I was at camp by the blogposts.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Futsal / Tennis

Today we wen't to Futsal and Tennis using the proper Futsal courts our coaches were Martin and Nevi. I was in group A so I did futsal first and I was in the black team as the goalie it was really fun to play futsal on the proper courts. Then I did tennis which was really cool it was my first time playing tennis I was partnered with Sanujan and I was the thrower first I was pretty bad at throwing and he was pretty good at throwing so when it was our turn to switch we did really good. A really big thank you to Nevi and Martin for coaching us and letting us use there courts.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Flaming Quiver / Archery at camp - 5 Minute Recount

 Flaming Quiver
 I pick up the bow, grip the handle and placed the fletcher below the knock. One finger above two fingers below I pull the string to my face. I felt the string sway I let go and it was like slow motion I could feel the arrow glide across my cheek and drift into the distance it pierced the bullseye.

 Then it was time to harvest my arrows I walk down to the target my shoes covered in mud. I placed my hand on the target and pull the arrow I could hear it creep out of the foam target. I tried to avoid the muddy abyss but it was inevitable. I slipped into the mud and had my legs covered in it I walked back and placed the arrows beside the bow.

I went to take my second shot , Butterflies soaring inside my stomach I close my eyes take a deep breath and let go… despite the fact that ofa placed the balloon in the top corner of the target I hit it! I hit the balloon I felt so proud of myself .

This is a 5 minute recount of my favourite thing at camp which was archery it was really fun and interesting.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Why Auckland needs to conserve water.

Cj, Daniel and I created a DLO on why we Auckland needs to save water and how we can save water. Aucklanders need to save 20L per person per day that's a lot of water to be saving. Some ways we can save more water are: not leaving the tap on; having short showers and using half flush.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Auckland / Camp map

This is a map showing all the places we will be going to camp besides my house. The one in the centre is school, The one in Papakura is wave pools and the one in hunua ranges is camp

5 Things To Do Before You Go On Bush Walks

For camp Cj and I made a DLO on how to be prepared for bush walks

5 minutes of...

Relaxing on a cruise ship staring into the clear sky. The radiating sun began to get engulfed in clouds. Those clouds changed from white to nearly black, a storm was forming. Everyone else didn’t make much about it as they didn’t realize what was about to happen. Something was moving in the distance, it didn’t look nice.

This monster looked as if it was breathing rain and actually got the attention of the people on the ship. Waves bigger than houses started forming and coming our way, it was as if they were bullets being fired from the barrel of a gun. A wave even bit of a piece of the ship and it was flooding, I tried to run but there was nowhere to go. Suddenly another wave hit but this time people went overboard.

I heard the flutters of a helicopter, at first I thought I was unconscious dreaming but I wasn’t dreaming. More helicopters came allowing more of us to escape this monstrous disaster.
I even jumped off the ship so I would be spotted easier I was that desperate but to my mistake, seaweed started to pull me down as if I was a prisoner chained to the rocks of the sea. The rescue team couldn’t see me at all.

Desperate I tried ripping the seaweed off me I succeeded and managed to plunge my hand over the waves as if I was a zombie coming out of his grave. I reached for a rope and grabbed hold I was being pulled up into a red helicopter well I think it was red I was so dizzy I couldn’t even tell. I woke up staring into the red roof that stood over me, as red faded to black.


This is a piece of writing made my Harry and I. We had to take turns writing sentences and this is the result. We wrote about before and after the picture prompt took place. The picture was a westpac helicopter with a rope hanging on the side and it was hovering over the ocean.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Tech Day 3 Term 1

Today at tech we made keesh using bacon, egg, cheese, cream, water and dough

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Sketch World

Today I played a maths game called Sketch world. In this game I got asked (greatest common factor) questions, After you answer the questions correctly you get to play a course of obstacles and help sketch get to the other side each level is different and fun this game helped a lot.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Fruit Splat

Today I was learning about GCF or greatest common factor. I was playing a game called fruit splat where you click the fruit with the correct answer so in this case it would be seven.