Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Speech (Why minecraft should be in schools)

Good morning,  or afternoon my name is Shannon and today I am talking about why I think minecraft should be allowed in schools and before you go away I have some interesting facts that will surprise you.

First of all you can learn basic survival skills it may not be the most useful skill to learn though, so if you don’t find that interesting how about the fact that this game pushes the word co op to the limit you can build with your friends and family and build better bonds with your classmates

Secondly like co op this game is extremely creative and you can exercise your brain with all the ideas you have and creativity is never a bad thing in fact it’s usually a good thing to be creative.

Last but not least there are tons of learning adventure maps that you can play with your friends. I was browsing the forums today and found a lot of learning maps that you can play. Just a note though don’t play minecraft too long because minecraft is very time consuming.

Now you might be thinking what if I don’t listen to this speech. You know how school is boring well it will stay boring for a very long time  unless you find something that children like me will enjoy doing but learning at the same time and that is where minecraft comes in. Now it’s just up to you whether you want minecraft to be an activity in your schools the choice is all yours.


I worked with Tiare, Jasmine, Gozan and Mia to mark my speech. On the rubric they said I had average everything and a bad time, my time was 1:27. They told me to make more eye contact and speak a bit louder.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Doppelganger predictions

Here are my predictions for what is going to happen in doppelganger I am doing a novel study on this book