Thursday, 28 July 2016

Costume Parade

Today "most" people dressed up for the costume parade I dressed up as max the biker. When we went to the parade there was someone dressed up as gangster granny and she gave the little children books to read. A bunny came after than gave Mrs. Anderson a letter . The purpose of the parade was to bring the magic of reading alive for the younger children.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Attributing Images

Today I learnt how to credit photos that are not mine. The first thing you need to have is the person who made / took the photo secondly you need the license, My licenses are public domain because all of the images are free to use and you put the link in to the word Photo using Ctrl-k

Thursday, 7 July 2016


Orienteering is a sport where the main focus is to learn how to read a map. I was really good at reading the map but I didn't have enough energy to get a good time. The teachers were Leon and Elaina they were really informative and gave us lots of tips but my favorite part about it all was having fun

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Buddy Writing

Today for writing the year sevens worked together with a buddy. Mrs Anderson went on a writing site called Story Starters. She pressed four buttons and it comes up with all different kinds of funny and weird sentences. We had to write about an Orangutan who was unpopular and he got lost in the Amazon rainforest.

“Many decades ago an unpopular orangutan got lost in a really gigantic rainforest called the Amazon, before I talk about that you should know what happen before” said old grandpa Ben to little Jimmy. “Continuing on, this orangutan was called Lteo and he was really cool and popular until a disaster happened” said old grandpa Ben. The orangutan was on a warship and he fell off, he swam all the way to the Amazon rainforest trying to avoid piranhas. While Leo went off trying to avoid piranhas on the warship all the others thought Leo was a coward and tried to save himself from getting defeated and dying.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Story Starters

I'm an iguana from space and I was created in a lab no not a lab a cab, What? a cab is all I can come up with? I only talk in rhyme because when I rhyme I have a good time okay that was really bad but maybe this next one won't make you mad who is writing this script it's ridiculous! Okay i'm going to say what I want I am a powerful iguana and I should be treated like one! actually rhyming was quite fun maybe I could still try it out. I live in a cave floating about it's the best home I've had without a doubt probably because I had no other home but that's fine because this home has a phone. Why am I talking about my house when my powers are far more interesting. I can shoot fire that blasts through and through and I can summon a cow that can moo I can see really far and drive a sports car but my favorite power is the power to make friends without friends I would be lonely and bored for the rest of my life and you might not think that's a power but for an iguana it is a power and a good one to have.


Today I used a site called story starter scholastic to write this story, I had to write a story about a powerful iguana that only talks in rhyme and I think I did a good job, Here is the link to the site