Wednesday, 14 December 2016

2016 photo reflection

This is a collage I made about what I did as a year 7, I made the border out of grey pentagons and it kind of looks like a stone background. The star in the middle is me doing art which I think is my favorite subject with writing as second.


  1. Your 2016 Collage looks great, especially your "rocky" boarder.

  2. Kia ora Shannon,

    Wow I really like your collage about your year at school, it looks like you had so much fun with your friends! I really like how you have used lots of colour in there too.

    My name's Dan, and I'm a part of the Summer Learning Journey programme with Rachel. I see that you've registered to take part over the holidays too? It would awesome to check out some more of your blogs. The programme is super fun! You can travel to and learn about all sorts of countries, and you can start any time you like!

    Hope to hear from you soon :-)


  3. Kia ora Shannon,

    I hope that you've had a great summer holiday so far. I'm sure that you've been really busy with family events and activities! If you have time over the next few weeks, we really would love it if you'd consider blogging with us.

    Both Dan and I would love to read your blogs and give you points for each activity that you complete. If you're interested in joining our journey, please do!

    The Summer Learning Journey website is:

    Hope to see you online soon :)

    Cheers, Rachel (and Dan)

  4. Hey Shannon,
    This is Jennifer and Christina from Toronto, Canada! We heard about your blog from all the way across the world, and it was definitely worth checking out. This collage looks like it took a lot of work, you're so creative. Personally, we loved the star in the middle and just looking at the photos in general. Good work!