Wednesday, 21 September 2016

6 sentence story

Today for writing we did a six sentence story. On slide one is the title slide, On slide two is the picture I got inspiration from and on the final slide is my story. We wrote this story to revisit our learning on narratives and strong describing words


Today for maths we played on a website called quizizz, quizizz is a website where you challenge your class to see who can get the most points. If you get a fast time you get more points and if you get the answer wrong you get 0 points. For the last game most people kept getting 970 points and Thomas took 1 second to late and got a 960 on one of the questions. The link is. We did this activity to practice our basic facts and challenge each other.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Duffy Assembly

Today we had a Duffy assembly. The brother of Duffy came as a role model and Mainfreight came as a sponsor. Duffys brother made everyone laugh and told us a story of how he got into reading, It was hilarious. After that the classes came up to receive there duffybooks. The two books I got were Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and BAD GUYS by Aaron Blabey

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Cross Country

This afternoon we did cross country, I didn't participate I just stood at a flag, told people where to go and encouraged them. The first class that went was room 1 I don't know who came first in any of the classes except Year 7 and 8 boys. Speaking of which the winner of year 7 boys was Daniel and the winner of year 8 boys was by far Zahn, Zahn almost overlapped people. It started to rain for most of the event but we still continued. I ran to shelter because my hands were getting numb. We came back to class at about 2:30pm.


Today for maths we did mixed basic facts / Division, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication. I got 26/30 questions correct, After that my group did decimal word problems. Unfortunately I didn't get through them all but the ones I did get through I got correct so i'm not to disappointed about that. Our learning intention was this LI: To solve decimal word problems using addition and subtraction.

Monday, 5 September 2016

When I grow up [Fast Facts]

Today for reading we read a book called Growing Up. This book is about a boy who gets in  a little trouble and thinks about what he wants to be on the way. We did an activity called fast facts this activity is where you write down as many things about the story in 2 minutes. You can read this drawing I made for a long but basic summary of the book.