Wednesday, 18 March 2015

All about me

All about me

Hi my name is Shannon and I am here to talk about myself and the important things in my life.  My family, hobbies and friends. I am 10 years old and I was born in New Zealand.

In my family I have a sister, mum and my dad. My family are important to me because they entertain me. My family also provides me with food and help me whenever I need it.My mum also buys me the things I need like stationary and she also plays games with me and so does my dad me and him play halo 4. In halo 4 we play campaign its a story mode and I drive him in my vehicles and sometimes he gets to use turrets like on a warthog a car type truck with a turret on the back it could be a mini gun,sniper or rocket launcher.
My hobbies are video games, sports and playing with friends. I like video games because I like playing online and I also like video games because of the exploration in some games. For example trove an endless world where you can take down dungeons and craft items. In trove you can also ride a mount. I like sports because I like getting outside and playing with friends. I like playing with my friends because i like to play video games with them.
My friends are Daniel, Harlem, Cyrus, Eric, Jericho, Oh Hsen and Sylis. My friends are honest, fun to play with and are smart. I like to play with them on minecraft and other games like manhunt. When me and my friends play minecraft we usually play survival in survival you have to survive eat food so you don’t starve and at night time monsters come out and attack some of the monsters are zombies which burn in the day and skeletons have a bow so they can shoot but also burn in the day and there is also creepers when they get close to you they explode and don’t burn in the day.

My family, my friends and my hobbies are all important to me especially my family. They play games with and provide food for me and also my hobbies because without my hobbies I would be very bored and my friends are important because they play games with me and most of the time i'm playing with them.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Food graph

This is my graph about favourite foods in room 9 I did this for my maths task I learnt what each persons favourite food is and i also learnt how to make a graph

New year celebrations

This is my new  year celebration post in this I learnt about different cultures and how they celebrate new year

Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Library Book

This book is called Boy vs Beast (Infernix) this is part 3 of the series and I chose this book because I like the selection of weapons he has and the vehicle customisations and just the battles really. Its a very great book in this series the main character is Kai he is a border guard training to be a border master he has a pet robot called BC3 they fight of the monsters that try to break into earth sometimes he loses and sometimes he wins when he wins he gets upgrades and when he loses the monster gets upgrades