Monday, 21 July 2014

My Holidays

In the holidays

In the holidays me and harry played roblox harry was shooting rockets everywhere after that me and harry played survive the 97 disasters harry gave me a fusion coil then he killed himself so he could get one. The fusion coil makes you jump higher and run faster just like a gravity coil and speed coil combined and the grav coil is blue, the speed coil is red and the fusion coil is purple blue and red makes purple. After that I went to McDonalds I got a cheeseburger when I got home I played minecraft hunger games I lost but it was still fun after I played hunger games I lost but it was still fun after that I ate my cheeseburger i was hungry then i went to bed. when i woke up i played pokemon adventures with harry i had really strong pokemon me and harry had a battle i won with just 1 pokemon but harry was just a beginner at that time then i went back on minecraft i found a cat and tamed it i built a roller coaster and then i went to the park after that i went home.

Thursday, 3 July 2014


 on thursdays room 5 were doing soccer we learned to dribble juggle and we played some games that would help us with soccer after we learned how to play we started playing soccer it was fun

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I competed in the kiwi kids quiz my score was 28 and I got 93.3% in the quiz