Friday, 1 September 2017

Year 8 college experience

Today the year 8’s went to tamaki college to learn about what it is like at college before we started we did the usual tech but we did out first session with mr grundy about making glass panes and then we had our morning tea after that we went to maths with Mr Jones and played battleships then we went to science with Stoddard and learnt about static electricity and how negative and positive charges can attract and detract, when there are two opposite charges they attract and when there are two of the same charge they try and get away from each other we had an example of this when Lyndon was touching static electricity his hair was starting to stick up. When that was finished we had Sub Way for lunch which was delicious and then went to English with Mr Stevenson where we had to memorise 10 words and get the corresponding pictures and finally we went to PE Mr Moyes and we played turbo touch.

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